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Our targets:

- The long-term target of our company is to hold our stable leading position on the Hungarian market and to strengthen our position on the European market.  

- Planning, manufacturing and installation of modern technologies to satisfy Customer requirements; maintenance, continuous development, testing and inspection.

- Using of new technologies and knowledge in interest of high-quality plants.

- Expansion of the complete coating technology and quality to fit the requirements of the automotive industry.

- Expansion of the machinery and our location (expansion of our office, new storage rooms, halls)

- Change from quantity to quality production.

- Continuous cooperation with well-known companies and suppliers.


Realization of our plans with the following instruments:

- Modern management methods

- Quality management and certificate according to norm MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.

- Qualified working staff, combination of individual and team work for development, continuous control and quality improvement of our supplier.

- Flexibility during the works.

- Possibility for alternative offers, considering the project budgets.  

- Continuous improvement of planning, manufacturing, technology and quality.