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Spray pre-treatment

Our new-installed spray pre-treatment plant is suitable for the treatment of bigger parts (for example gate parts, guards, doors, plates). The plant can be adjusted also for the treatment of steel materials.   Material of parts: aluminium, steel Max  dimensions: (L x W x H): 6.100 x 800 x 2.150 (mm) Max. weight: 1.000 kg Technology: Chemetall

Dip pre-treatment

In case of parts with higher quantity we recommend the dip pre-treatment process, which is suitable for the treatment of aluminium and steel materials. The liquid can perfect entry into the inner surfaces of the parts during the dipping process. So this process is suitable for the treatment of parts with not even surfaces.   Tank dimensions: (H x W x L) 900 x 800 x 2.000 (mm)

Powder spraying

For the powder coating of the pre-treated parts there are 3 manual plastic booths at our location. The booths have a modern powder recovery system, so we can minimise the paint loss and the paint costs. The powder layer protects the parts from external effects and rust.   Our company is able to paint every colour of the RAL scale. 

Paint shop for household parts

This part of our paint shop is suitable for individual parts or objects, for example vehicle rims, household article, parts with low quantity, etc. In case individual parts there is a possibility of cleaning with sand blasting or washing with Fe-phosphate. Depending on the customer requirements we are able to paint every colour of the RAL scale by means of our manual powder booth and modern spraying technology. The process ends with the curing in the modern and energy efficient curing oven.   Maximal dimensions: (L x W x H) 6.000 x 1.500 x 2.200 (mm)

Coating of pipe parts

In this department we are offering the coating of pipe parts for a foreign company. After the pickling of the pipes they are powder sprayed and the cured. These pipes will be used at playgrounds and other similar places. The paint layer protects the pipes from the corrosion and other effects; and it makes easier to put on the rubber layer to the pipe.   Maximal dimensions: Ø max. 100 mm Length 4.000 mm