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 We installed in the last decades a lot of powder coating plants all over Europe as part of complete systems or as separate booth. The booths are made with modern powder recovery technology and have a single-sided/double-sided and manual/automatic design. The biggest advantages of polypropylene are the easy cleaning and low electrostatic loading. The technology of the powder coating plant is based on electrostatic or tribostatic charging. The sprayed powder adheres on the parts and the required steady layer thickness can be achieved. The main advantage of this system is the use of no solvents, and it is cost-efficiency, due to the powder recovery technology.

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Manual powder coating

The technology of the powder spraying is based on electrostatic charging. The sprayed powder adheres on the parts and the required steady layer thickness can be achieved. Our powder coating systems have a wide spectrum: started with simple powder paint walls with filters up to manual powder coating systems, with double wall construction, with cyclone and secondary filter.

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Automated powder coating

The automated powder coating plant is mainly recommended for the surface treatment of serial products. Automated mechanical material moving system delivers the parts into the powder spraying plant. The parts are moving continuously through the booths and sprayed by the automated spraying technology during the moving. It is also possible to hold on the parts, and then the automated spraying technology (robots) will be moved.  The automated booths have a manual re-painting station for the needed manual repair painting.

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Big sized individual booths

 The powder spraying of the parts happens in the manual powder spraying booth. The worker performs the powder spraying in protective clothes insiede the booth. The painting is more cost effective because of the powder recovery. The exhausting happens by means of cyclone and secondary filter because of more cost effective colour change.

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Climatized booths

 The advantage of climatized powder spraying room is the easier handling, the easier powder usage and cleaning.  

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Powder spraying wall

 The powder spraying walls are suitable for smaller paint shops. This plant is a simpler, more cost effective solution. Advantage of the system is, that we can paint every kind of part geometry. 

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