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The pretreatment of materials, such as steel or, aluminium require different treatment methods. The pretreatment plants - planned and produced by our company – and the additional technologies we adapt to the individual customer demands. According to part geometry, quantity, pretreatment method and surface condition as well as customised demands we offer pretreatment plants with more kinds of functional principles. 

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Dip pretreatment plant

 Generally in use for medium to higher capacities, especially for job coaters and the automotive industry. Overloading units with tact operation deliver the parts along the complete surface treatment plant. Our plants ensure also in case of parts with special forms a perfect surface treatment quality by means of optimal bath circulating and material/rack moving systems in the tank.

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Spray pretreatment plants with continuous operation

 A material moving system with continuous operation delivers the parts along the pretreatment line, between the spray rings of the zones. The chemical or rinsing liquid for the treatment will be led to the parts from the technological tanks under the zones through spray rings by means of pumps. The plant has a self-supporting construction. The tanks under the zones have also a supporting function. We recommend these tanks for simpler parts which can be hanged up easily.   Advantages: - higher mechanical cleaning efficiency - energy- and cost-efficient  process   The plant is a closed tunnel, made from self-supporting construction. The parts move between spray nozzles, as a consequence, the adequate cleaning can be ensured. Generally in use for medium or higher capacities, similar serial products. Environment-friendly, energy-efficient and investment-friendly. Our company builds continuous plants from stainless steel or mixed polypropylene - stainless steel constructions. 

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Chamber- spray pretreatment

 The chamber pretreatment plants (tact-spray) with spraying operation are ideal solution for long aluminium and steel profiles or other large-sized work pieces. Environment-friendly, energy-efficient and investment-friendly solution.

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High-pressure washing unit

 The pretreatment of the parts happens in a chamber by means of a high-pressured manual rinsing unit, in a closed system. The parts are in the chamber and the worker is spraying the parts with heated chemical liquid by means of a high-pressured manual rinsing unit. 

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Additional units for pretreatment plants

 For the energy-efficient and environment friendly pretreatment plants we can provide the following additional technologies:

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